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White Polystyrene Ankle Bracelet / Toe Ring Display Foot
Happy Feet! Well just one foot actually but you can always buy more. Fill the toes with rings and hang an ankle bracelet  for a fun descriptive display. Tiered Pricing: the more you purchase, the more you'll save.
White Polystyrene Ankle Bracelet / Toe Ring Display Foot
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Product Description

Color: White.


Material: Polystyrene.


Size: Measures 9" by 3 1/4" by 7" tall.


Description: Show customers your selection of anklets and toe rings with the help of this foot mannequin jewelry display! This toe ring and anklet display works particularly well as part of a window display or on a jewelry display table. You're sure to love the elegant design of this display as you use it to showcase your toe rings and ankle bracelets. Jewelry not included.
Product Specifications

anklet display
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The product is awesome
The product is awesome! And the delivery was very quick.
- Carla

Love This so much!!!
- Carla
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