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26 Piece Champagne Pink Jewelry Display Set
26 Piece Champagne Pink Jewelry Display Set. Item Set81-S50 is a great jewelry display set to show your necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, chains, watches, and bracelets. Each piece comes separate allowing you to set up your display stand to fit your needs.  Tiered pricing does apply. 
26 Piece Champagne Pink Jewelry Display Set
SKU#: Set 81-S50
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Price Per Unit $180.00 at Quantity 1

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Product Description

Product Note: This is a 9 piece set.

Color: Champagne pink.

Material: Leatherette..

Size: Measures 38-1/8" x 12" x 10" H

Description: Use this display as a set or use pieces individually and set where you'd like. The set comes with:
2 low busts
2 large busts
2 hex clip ring displays
2 dual ring displays
2 single ring displays
3 5 clip ring displays
2 half moon displays
2 bunny ear displays
1 hoop earring displays
1 pendant/earring display
1 bracelet pillow
1 large statement piece bust
5 Base Pieces

Product Specifications

pink display set
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