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Black Leatherette 26-Piece Jewelry Display Set
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Black Leatherette 26-Piece Jewelry Display Set
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Price Per Unit $180.00 at Quantity 1

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Product Description

Product Note: This is a 26 piece set

Color: Black.

Material: Leatherette.

Size: Measures 38-1/8" x 12" x 10" H

Description: Description: Use this display as a set or use pieces individually and set where you'd like. The set comes with:
2 low busts
2 large busts
2 hex clip ring displays
2 dual ring displays
2 single ring displays
3 5 clip ring displays
2 half moon displays
2 bunny ear displays
1 hoop earring displays
1 pendant/earring display
1 bracelet pillow
1 large statement piece bust
5 Base Pieces

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