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Black Velvet Jewelry Necklace / Ring / Earring Combination Bust
Item 189-2A is a jewelry necklace combination bust. The use combination comes from this bust having a built in ring clip and a built in jewelry earring display. This item also has two clips on the back of the bust allowing you to secure your necklace or chain to this display. Item works great for showing customers collections of jewelry. Tiered Pricing: the more you purchase of black velvet necklace combo display, the more you save.
Black Velvet Jewelry Necklace / Ring / Earring Combination Bust
SKU#: 189-2A (BK)
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Product Description

Product note: Holds (1) necklace, (1) ring and (1) pair of earrings.

Color: Black.

Material: Velvet.

Size: Measures 7 1/2" x 5 1/8" x 11" tall.

Description: This tall combo display is a good way to display a jewelry set. Earrings go in earring flap near top of display (would work well with post-style or fish hook earrings), ring stays securely in ring clip, and necklace goes around the neck portion of the display. Jewelry not included.
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I do a lot of shows outside and I like the weight of these. Not as easily blown over.
- Noelani
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